Sap Abap On Hana Interview Questions

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Sap Abap On Hana Interview Questions

SAP ABAP on HANA Interview Preparation Guide

Sap Abap On Hana Interview Questions

Sure! SAP ABAP on HANA interview questions typically cover topics such as the benefits of using ABAP on HANA, technical compatibility, database management, code optimization, SAP HANA development tools, migration strategies, performance tuning, and integration with other SAP systems or applications. Common questions may focus on a candidate's knowledge and experience in these areas, as well as their problem-solving skills and ability to work effectively with HANA technology. It is important for candidates to showcase their expertise in ABAP and how it can be leveraged to maximize the advantages of HANA technology in an SAP environment.

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1 - What is the difference between SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA? SAP ECC is the traditional ERP system with separate databases for transactional and analytical data, whereas SAP S/4HANA is the next generation ERP system that utilizes the HANA in memory database for real time analytics and streamlined processes. 2) Explain in memory computing and how it benefits SAP ABAP on HANA. In memory computing refers to storing data in the computer's main memory (RAM) for faster processing. This benefits SAP ABAP on HANA by enabling real time analytics, faster query processing, and reduced data redundancy. 3) How does HANA optimize database performance in SAP ABAP programs? HANA optimizes database performance in SAP ABAP programs through techniques like columnar storage, data compression, and parallel processing, resulting in faster data retrieval and processing. 4) What are CDS views in SAP ABAP on HANA? Core Data Services (CDS) views are virtual data models that define the structure of data and offer a unified way to access and analyze data in SAP ABAP on HANA. They simplify data access and enhance performance. 5) What is AMDP in SAP ABAP on HANA? ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP) allow developers to write database procedures directly in ABAP code, leveraging the power of the underlying HANA database for optimized performance. 6) How can you improve performance in SAP ABAP on HANA applications? Performance in SAP ABAP on HANA applications can be improved by optimizing database queries, utilizing CDS views, implementing AMDP, enabling code pushdown, and leveraging advanced features of the HANA database. 7) What are the different types of table buffering in SAP ABAP? There are three types of table buffering in SAP ABAP: Single Record Buffering, Generic Key Buffering, and All Records Buffering. Each type serves different purposes and helps optimize data access. 8) Describe the concept of code pushdown in SAP ABAP on HANA. Code pushdown involves moving computational operations and data processing tasks from the application server to the database layer, taking advantage of the HANA database's processing capabilities for improved performance. 9) How does the SAP HANA database handle indexing? SAP HANA uses different types of indexes like Bloom filters, bitmap indexes, and search indexes to optimize data retrieval and processing in ABAP programs, ensuring efficient performance. 10) How can you leverage SQLScript in SAP ABAP on HANA development? SQLScript is a scripting language used in SAP HANA for database procedures and calculations. You can leverage SQLScript in SAP ABAP on HANA development to execute complex queries, perform data transformations, and optimize database operations for improved performance. 11) Explain the significance of an ABAP dictionary in SAP on HANA projects. The ABAP dictionary in SAP on HANA projects acts as a centralized repository for defining and managing data definitions, database objects, and data types. It enables data consistency, easy maintenance, and seamless integration of data models in ABAP on HANA projects. 12) How does Smart Data Integration (SDI) enhance data processing in SAP ABAP on HANA? Smart Data Integration (SDI) allows real time data replication and integration from external sources into the SAP HANA database, enabling SAP ABAP on HANA applications to access and process the latest data for improved analytics and decision making.


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