Sql Interview Questions Mcq

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Sql Interview Questions Mcq

Multiple Choice Questions for SQL Interview Preparation

Sql Interview Questions Mcq

SQL interview questions multiple-choice questions (MCQ) are designed to test a candidate's knowledge and understanding of key concepts in SQL. These questions cover various topics such as database design, querying data, optimizing SQL queries, understanding relationships between tables, and more. By answering these MCQs, candidates can demonstrate their proficiency in SQL and showcase their problem-solving skills in a structured format, making it easier for interviewers to evaluate their expertise in the subject.

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1 - What does SQL stand for? 

A) Structured Query Language

2) Which command is used to retrieve data from a SQL database?


3) What is the purpose of the WHERE clause in a SQL statement?

A) It is used to filter records based on a specified condition.

4) How can you retrieve all columns from a table named “employees” in SQL?

A) SELECT * FROM employees

5) What keyword is used to sort the result set in a SQL query?


6) How do you delete a record from a table in SQL?

A) DELETE FROM table_name WHERE condition

7) What is the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR datatypes in SQL?

A) CHAR is a fixed length datatype while VARCHAR is a variable length datatype.

8) Which SQL command is used to add a new column to an existing table?

A) ALTER TABLE table_name ADD column_name datatype

9) What is the primary key in a SQL table?

A) A primary key is a unique identifier for each record in a table.

10) How do you perform a join operation in SQL?

A) Use the JOIN keyword to combine rows from two or more tables based on a related column.

11) What is the purpose of the GROUP BY clause in SQL?

A) It is used to group rows that have the same values into summary rows.

12) How do you calculate the total number of records in a table in SQL?

A) Use the COUNT(*) function.

13) Which SQL command is used to update existing records in a table?

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A) UPDATE table_name SET column_name = new_value WHERE condition

14) What is a foreign key in SQL?

A) A foreign key is a field in one table that uniquely identifies a row of another table.

15) How do you create a new database in SQL?

A) CREATE DATABASE database_name


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