Power Bi Admin Interview Questions

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Power Bi Admin Interview Questions

Top Interview Questions for Power BI Administration Role

Power Bi Admin Interview Questions

Sure! During a Power BI admin interview, you can expect questions related to your experience with managing Power BI workspaces, data refresh schedules, security setup, usage monitoring, and troubleshooting issues in Power BI. You may also be asked about your knowledge of Power BI Premium features, licensing, governance best practices, and integration with other Microsoft technologies. Be prepared to demonstrate your ability to optimize Power BI performance, ensure data accuracy, and implement data retention policies in a corporate environment.

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1 - What is Power BI Gateway and why is it used?

Power BI Gateway is a service that acts as a bridge to securely transfer data between on premises data sources and Power BI Service in the cloud. It is used to refresh datasets that are stored on premises and ensure that the data is up to date in Power BI reports.

2) Explain the different types of Power BI gateways.

There are two types of Power BI gateways: Personal mode and On premises data gateway. The Personal mode gateway is designed for individual users to refresh data from sources such as Excel workbooks, text files, and web pages. The On premises data gateway is used for organizations to connect to on premises data sources like SQL Server, SharePoint, and other databases securely.

3) How can you monitor and manage Power BI gateway connections?

Power BI admins can monitor and manage gateway connections through the Power BI Service portal. They can view the status of each gateway, check for errors in connection, configure data source settings, update the gateway software, and set up data source credentials securely.

4) What is Power BI Premium and how does it differ from Power BI Pro?

Power BI Premium is a licensing option that offers dedicated cloud capacity and enhanced performance for larger organizations with advanced data needs. It provides better scalability, higher dataset size limits, and the ability to distribute content without requiring individual Pro licenses for each user. Power BI Pro, on the other hand, is a license for individual users to create, share, and collaborate on reports and dashboards.

5) How do you optimize Power BI reports for performance?

To optimize Power BI reports for performance, you can use best practices such as reducing the number of visuals on a single page, minimizing the use of custom visuals, optimizing DAX calculations for faster performance, reducing unnecessary data loading from data sources, and using aggregations where possible. Additionally, you can utilize Power BI Premium features like incremental data refresh and composite models to improve report performance.


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