Jquery Interview Questions And Answers

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Jquery Interview Questions And Answers

Jquery Interview Questions And Answers: Ace Your Interview with These Tips

Jquery Interview Questions And Answers

Jquery Interview Questions and Answers are a set of commonly asked questions in interviews related to the jQuery library. These questions aim to assess the candidate's knowledge and understanding of jQuery concepts, syntax, and best practices. Some common topics covered in these interviews include selectors, events, DOM manipulation, Ajax, plugins, and performance optimization. Candidates should be familiar with the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as have a good understanding of jQuery's role in web development. They should also be able to demonstrate their problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities in answering these questions. Preparing for these questions can help candidates showcase their skills and increase their chances of securing a job in web development.

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1 - What is the difference between jQuery and JavaScript?

  jQuery is a popular, open source JavaScript library that is used for client side scripting whereas JavaScript is a programming language.

  jQuery simplifies the process of writing JavaScript code and makes it more efficient by providing a set of pre written functions and methods.

  jQuery is based on JavaScript and utilizes the existing syntax of JavaScript. However, the functionality of jQuery differs from that of JavaScript.

2) What is the difference between jQuery and AngularJS?

  jQuery is a JavaScript library used to manipulate the HTML DOM whereas AngularJS is a JavaScript framework used for building dynamic web applications.

  In jQuery, developers have to manually manipulate and update the DOM elements, while in AngularJS, changes made to the data are automatically reflected in the DOM elements.

  jQuery is primarily used for DOM manipulations and AJAX requests, while AngularJS provides features for creating reusable components, data binding, and dependency injection.

3) What is the purpose of jQuery selectors?

  Selectors in jQuery are used to select HTML elements based on their tag name, class, id, attribute, and more.

  These selectors are used to target specific elements on a webpage and apply actions or manipulate those elements.

  Selectors make it easier to write concise and efficient code, as they remove the need for repetitive DOM traversal methods.

4) Explain the difference between .each() and .map() methods in jQuery.

  The .each() method iterates over each element in the selected set and performs a function for each element. It does not return anything.

  The .map() method, on the other hand, iterates over each element in the selected set and creates a new array with the returned values of the function.

  In short, .each() simply iterates over the elements, while .map() iterates over the elements and performs an action on them, creating a new array in the process.

5) What is event bubbling in jQuery?

  Event bubbling is a phenomenon where an event that is triggered on a child element is propagated up the DOM tree to its parent elements.

  In jQuery, event bubbling can be stopped by using the .stopPropagation() method, which prevents the event from being passed on to parent elements.

  Event bubbling can be useful for targeting elements that are dynamically added to the DOM, but it can also cause performance issues if not handled properly.

6) How can you show and hide an element in jQuery?

  To show an element in jQuery, the .show() method can be used. This makes the selected element visible by changing its CSS display property to “block”.

  To hide an element, the .hide() method can be used. This hides the selected element by changing its CSS display property to “none”.

  Both of these methods can also be passed an optional parameter to specify the speed or duration of the animation.

7) What is the difference between document ready and window load in jQuery?

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  The document ready event fires when the HTML document has been loaded and parsed, while the window load event fires when the entire webpage, including all resources like images and stylesheets, has finished loading.

  The document ready event is triggered earlier than window load, so it is useful for manipulating elements on the page before all resources have loaded.

  The window load event, on the other hand, is useful for executing code that requires all resources to be loaded, such as setting up event handlers for images or videos.

8) How can you make an AJAX request in jQuery?

  To make an AJAX request in jQuery, the .ajax() method can be used.

  This method takes in a URL and an optional object of settings and performs an asynchronous HTTP (Ajax) request to that URL.

  The settings object can include properties such as type, data, success and error callbacks, and more.

9) What is chaining in jQuery?

  Chaining in jQuery refers to the practice of joining multiple methods together in a single statement, without the need to re select the same element(s) each time.

  This is possible because most jQuery methods return the original jQuery object, allowing for consecutive methods to be called on the same element(s).

  Chaining can help simplify code and make it easier to read and understand.

10) What is the difference between prop() and attr() in jQuery?

  The .prop() method is used to retrieve or set property values of selected elements, such as the checkbox state or input value.

  The .attr() method, on the other hand, is used to retrieve or set the value of an HTML attribute, such as id or class.

  While .prop() is used for boolean properties, .attr() can be used for any other attribute.


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