Jquery Experienced Interview Questions

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Jquery Experienced Interview Questions

Jquery Interview Questions for Experienced Candidates

Jquery Experienced Interview Questions are a set of complex questions that are asked to candidates with considerable experience in working with the Jquery framework. These questions aim to test the candidate's knowledge and proficiency in developing efficient and functional code using Jquery, along with their understanding of various concepts like DOM manipulation, event handling, AJAX, and more. The questions may also cover real-world scenarios and problem-solving skills, to assess the candidate's ability to apply their Jquery skills in practical situations. Overall, these questions help the interviewer gauge the depth of the candidate's experience and their level of expertise in Jquery development.

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1 - What is the difference between $ and jQuery? 

  $ is an alias for jQuery. It is used to access the jQuery library and its methods. However, it may conflict with other libraries using the same symbol. So, jQuery recommends using jQuery instead of $ to avoid conflicts.

2) What is the use of jQuery methods attr() and prop()? 

  The attr() method is used to get or set the value of an element's attribute, while the prop() method is used to get or set the value of an element's property. Attributes describe the element's characteristics, while properties are the behaviors and states of an element.

3) How do you check if an element exists in the DOM using jQuery? 

  The length property can be used to check if an element exists in the DOM. jQuery returns the length as 1 if the element exists, and 0 if it does not.

4) How do you select elements with a specific class name using jQuery? 

  The class selector in jQuery is denoted by a period followed by the class name. For example, to select all elements with the class name ‘box’, we would use the syntax ‘.box’.

5) What is event propagation in jQuery? 

  Event propagation is the process of an event being handled by multiple elements in the DOM. It occurs in two phases  capturing (top down) and bubbling (bottom up). jQuery provides methods like event.stopPropagation() and event.stopImmediatePropagation() to control event propagation.

6) What is the use of jQuery's data() method? 

  The data() method is used to attach data to DOM elements. This data can be accessed and manipulated using jQuery's other methods. It makes it easier to store and retrieve information related to specific elements.

7) How do you animate elements using jQuery? 

  The animate() method in jQuery is used to perform animation on DOM elements. It takes in CSS properties, duration, and an optional callback function as parameters to create animation effects.

8) What are jQuery plugins? 

  jQuery plugins are libraries that extend the functionality of jQuery. They are developed and maintained by the community, which can be easily integrated into web projects to enhance user experience.

9) How do you handle AJAX calls in jQuery? 

  jQuery provides methods like $.ajax(), $.get(), and $.post() to handle AJAX requests. These methods take in a URL, data to be sent, and a callback function to handle the response.

10) How do you prevent default behavior of an element using jQuery? 

  The preventDefault() method in jQuery can be used to stop the default action of an element, such as clicking a link or submitting a form.

11) What is the use of jQuery.noConflict() method? 

  The jQuery.noConflict() method is used to avoid conflicts between jQuery and other libraries that use the $ symbol. It allows us to use another alias for jQuery, such as “jq”, instead of $.

12) How do you get or set the HTML content of an element using jQuery? 

  The html() method in jQuery is used to get or set the HTML content of an element. It takes in the HTML content as a parameter and returns the HTML content if no parameter is passed.

13) What are jQuery selectors? 

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  jQuery selectors are used to select and manipulate DOM elements based on attributes, CSS selectors, and custom functions. They simplify the task of targeting specific elements in the DOM for manipulation.

14) How do you handle errors in jQuery? 

  jQuery provides the .error() method to handle errors during AJAX requests. It takes in a callback function to handle the error and also has a .fail() method to handle general errors in the code.

15) How do you insert new elements using jQuery? 

  The append(), prepend(), and after() methods in jQuery are used to insert new elements into the DOM. They take in the element to be inserted as a parameter and add it before or after the selected element.

16) What is the use of the jQuery ready() method? 

  The ready() method is used to execute a function once the DOM is fully loaded. It ensures that all the elements are available before manipulating them.

17) How do you make a selected element fade in and out using jQuery? 

  The fadeIn() and fadeOut() methods in jQuery are used to create fade in and fade out effects on selected elements. They take in a duration and an optional callback function as parameters.

18) What is the use of the jQuery toggle() method? 

  The toggle() method is used to toggle between two or more functions on a selected element. This makes it possible to switch between different states or toggle a specific behavior on and off.

19) How do you get the value of a selected element using jQuery? 

  The val() method in jQuery is used to get the current value of a selected element, such as input, select, or textarea. It can also be used to set or change the value by passing in a new value as a parameter.

20) How do you validate form input using jQuery? 

  The jQuery validate plugin can be used to validate form input. It provides a set of rules and methods to validate fields such as required fields, email addresses, numbers, etc. It also has built in error messages and customization options.


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