Interview Questions On Tableau Server

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Interview Questions On Tableau Server

Suggested Interview Questions on Tableau Server

Interview Questions On Tableau Server

Sure! In a Tableau Server interview, you may be asked various questions related to managing Tableau Server, such as how to install and configure the server, managing users, groups, and permissions, troubleshooting common server issues, optimizing server performance, implementing security best practices, and understanding server architecture. Employers may also inquire about your experience with Tableau Server administration tasks, such as managing extracts, schedules, subscriptions, and backups. Additionally, expect questions on your knowledge of server monitoring tools, managing licensing, and ensuring server scalability and availability. It's important to be prepared to discuss your hands-on experience with Tableau Server and showcase your ability to effectively manage and maintain Tableau Server infrastructure.

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1 - What is Tableau Server and how does it differ from Tableau Desktop?

Tableau Server is an enterprise level platform designed to facilitate centralized data and analytics sharing within an organization. It allows users to publish and share interactive dashboards and visualizations created in Tableau Desktop. The main difference between Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop is that Tableau Server enables collaboration, access to published dashboards from multiple locations, and provides functionalities for sharing and accessing data securely within the organization.

2) Can you explain the architecture of Tableau Server?

Tableau Server architecture consists of different components such as Application Server, VizQL Server, Data Server, and other background processes. The Application Server handles user authentication and manages requests, VizQL Server processes and renders visualizations, and Data Server manages connections to data sources and extracts. Understanding the architecture is crucial for optimizing performance and ensuring scalability of Tableau Server.

3) How can you manage permissions and access control in Tableau Server?

Permissions and access control in Tableau Server are managed through user groups and projects. Admins can define permissions at different levels such as site, project, workbook, and dashboard. By assigning users to specific groups and setting permissions accordingly, you can control who has access to which data and dashboards on Tableau Server.

4) What are the best practices for maintaining and optimizing Tableau Server performance?

To maintain optimal performance of Tableau Server, it is essential to regularly monitor server activities, resource usage, and performance metrics. Implementing proper data source optimization, tuning workbook performance, and scheduling extract refreshes efficiently are crucial steps for optimizing Tableau Server performance. Regular server maintenance, applying software updates, and scaling resources based on usage are also recommended best practices.


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