Interview Questions On Azure

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Interview Questions On Azure

Interview Questions for Azure Professionals

Interview Questions On Azure

Interview questions on Azure can cover a wide range of topics including Azure services, architecture, security, deployment, monitoring, and more. Common questions may be related to concepts like Azure Virtual Machines, Azure App Service, Azure Storage, Azure Active Directory, Azure networking, Azure DevOps, and Azure Security Center. Employers may also inquire about your experience with Azure Resource Manager, Azure DevTest Labs, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, and other key Azure tools and services. It's important to be well-prepared for Azure interviews by studying these topics thoroughly and practicing responses to potential questions.

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1 - What is Azure and explain its key components?

Azure is a cloud computing platform by Microsoft that offers a wide range of services such as virtual machines, databases, AI services, and more. The key components of Azure include Azure Virtual Machines for hosting applications, Azure Blob Storage for storing unstructured data, Azure SQL Database for managed SQL Server databases, Azure App Services for building and hosting web applications, Azure Active Directory for identity and access management, and Azure Virtual Network for connecting resources securely.

2) How can you ensure the security of data in Azure?

Ensuring the security of data in Azure involves implementing security best practices such as using strong access controls and permissions, encrypting data at rest and in transit, regularly monitoring and auditing access to resources, and configuring network security controls such as firewalls and Network Security Groups. Additionally, leveraging Azure's built in security features like Azure Security Center and Azure Advanced Threat Protection can help detect and respond to security threats effectively.

3) What are the different deployment models available in Azure?

Azure offers two main deployment models: Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and Azure Classic. ARM is the current deployment model that allows you to manage and organize resources in a more efficient and scalable way using resource groups. On the other hand, Azure Classic is the older deployment model that uses a more traditional approach to managing resources individually.

4) How does Azure auto scaling work, and why is it important?

Azure auto scaling allows you to automatically adjust the number of compute resources based on the workload demand. This is important as it ensures that your applications can handle traffic spikes efficiently without over provisioning resources, leading to cost savings and improved performance. By setting up auto scaling rules based on metrics such as CPU utilization or request counts, you can ensure that your application scales up or down dynamically to meet changing demands.

5) What is Azure DevOps and how does it support the development lifecycle?

Azure DevOps is a set of services that provide tools for managing the entire software development lifecycle, including planning, coding, building, testing, and releasing applications. It includes features such as Azure Repos for source code management, Azure Pipelines for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), Azure Boards for agile project management, and Azure Artifacts for package management. Azure DevOps enables teams to collaborate effectively and streamline the software development process from ideation to production deployment.


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