Azure Sql Interview Questions

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Azure Sql Interview Questions

Top Azure SQL Interview Questions to Prepare for Your Next Job Interview

Azure Sql Interview Questions

Azure SQL interview questions typically cover a range of topics related to Microsoft Azure's cloud database offering, such as understanding scalability options, performance tuning techniques, deployment strategies, security considerations, disaster recovery methods, and querying optimization. Interviewers may also ask about hands-on experience with Azure SQL databases, familiarity with related Azure services, and problem-solving skills for common challenges faced when working with cloud databases. Being prepared to discuss these concepts in detail and provide real-world examples will help demonstrate expertise and readiness for roles involving Azure SQL.

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1 - What is Azure SQL Database?

Azure SQL Database is a fully managed relational database service provided by Microsoft on the Azure cloud platform. It offers built in high availability, automatic backups, security features, and scalability options for managing and maintaining SQL databases without the need to manage infrastructure.

2) What are the deployment options available for Azure SQL Database?

Azure SQL Database provides deployment options such as single databases, elastic pools, and managed instances. Single databases are isolated database containers, while elastic pools allow you to share resources among multiple databases, and managed instances enable seamless migration of on premises SQL Server databases to Azure.

3) How does Azure SQL Database ensure high availability?

Azure SQL Database offers built in high availability through automatic replication of data across multiple replicas within a region. It also provides automated backups, point in time restore capabilities, and failover options to ensure business continuity and minimize downtime in case of failures.

4) How can you improve the performance of Azure SQL Database?

Performance optimization in Azure SQL Database can be achieved by implementing proper indexing strategies, using query tuning techniques, optimizing resource utilization through scaling options like adjusting resources in the pricing tier, and leveraging features such as intelligent performance insights for monitoring and troubleshooting bottlenecks.

5) What security features does Azure SQL Database offer?

Azure SQL Database provides robust security features such as transparent data encryption, threat detection, dynamic data masking, row level security, firewall rules, and role based access control to safeguard data and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, Azure security features like Azure Active Directory integration and Azure Key Vault can be integrated for enhanced security.

6) How does Azure SQL Database handle disaster recovery?

Azure SQL Database offers geo restore capabilities, automatic backups with long term retention, and active geo replication for disaster recovery scenarios. By enabling geo redundant backups and geo replication, organizations can ensure data durability and availability across different Azure regions for business continuity in case of disasters.


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