Asp Net Web Api Interview Questions

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Asp Net Web Api Interview Questions

Common Questions About Asp Net Web Api: An Interview Guide



ASP.NET Web API is a framework used for building RESTful web services that can be consumed by a variety of clients. As an important technology in the web development world, it is crucial for developers to have a good understanding of its concepts and implementation. During an interview, questions related to topics such as routing, HTTP methods, security, authentication, and serialization may be asked to assess a candidate's knowledge and hands-on experience with Asp Net Web API. Additionally, questions about best practices, performance optimization, and error handling may also be asked to gauge a candidate's problem-solving skills and their ability to develop efficient and robust web API solutions.

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1 - What is Web API?

Web API is a framework built on top of the .NET platform that allows developers to create RESTful web services. It uses HTTP requests and responses to enable communication between clients and servers.

2) What is the difference between ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET MVC?

ASP.NET Web API is used for building RESTful web services, while ASP.NET MVC is used for building web applications. Web API returns data in a specific format (JSON or XML), whereas MVC is concerned with generating HTML views.

3) How does Web API handle routing?

Web API routes are defined in the WebApiConfig class, which is registered during application startup. The route configuration specifies the controller and action to be invoked based on the HTTP request method and URL.

4) How does Web API handle content negotiation?

Web API uses content negotiation to determine the best format for the response based on the request headers. It supports various formats such as JSON, XML, and even custom media types.

5) How can you enable CORS in Web API?

CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) can be enabled in Web API by installing the Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Cors package using NuGet. Then, the EnableCors method can be used in the WebApiConfig class to specify the origins, headers, and methods to allow.

6) What is the difference between IHttpActionResult and HttpResponseMessage?

IHttpActionResult is an interface in Web API that represents an action result. It provides a way to create an HTTP response in a strongly typed manner, while HttpResponseMessage is an object used to create a response in the form of an HTTP message.

7) How is Web API security implemented?

Web API security can be implemented using various techniques such as HTTP basic authentication, OAuth, API keys, and SSL encryption. Additionally, authorization filters and message handlers can be used to restrict access to certain endpoints.

8) How does Web API handle errors?

Web API uses the HttpResponseException class to handle errors and return appropriate error responses. Additionally, global error handling can be implemented by creating a custom exception filter to catch all unhandled exceptions.

9) What is ASP.NET Web API Testing Framework?

Web API Testing Framework is a unit testing framework specifically designed for testing Web API applications. It provides an easy to use API for making HTTP requests and asserting the response output.

10) What are the advantages of using Web API over WCF?

Web API is lightweight compared to WCF and is better suited for building RESTful web services. It also supports content negotiation and can be easily integrated with other web technologies such as JavaScript frameworks.

11) What are the disadvantages of using Web API?

One major disadvantage of Web API is its lack of support for SOAP based services. It also has limited built in authentication and authorization capabilities.

12) What is the difference between HTTP GET and HTTP POST?

HTTP GET is used for retrieving data from a server, while HTTP POST is used for creating or updating data on a server. GET requests can be cached, while POST requests are not.

13) How does Web API handle versioning?

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Web API supports versioning by using either URI versioning, where the version is specified in the URL, or media type versioning, where the version is specified in the request header.

14) What is the use of HttpResponseMessage in Web API?

HttpResponseMessage is used to represent an HTTP response in Web API. It allows developers to set the response status code, headers, and content.

15) How can you enable compression in Web API?

Compression can be enabled in Web API by using the GZipCompressionHandler or DeflateCompressionHandler class in the GlobalConfiguration object's MessageHandlers collection.

16) Can you use ASP.NET Web API with ASP.NET Web Forms?

Yes, ASP.NET Web API can be used with ASP.NET Web Forms by adding a route handler to the Web Forms application that maps incoming HTTP requests to the Web API controllers.

17) How does dependency injection work in Web API?

Dependency injection can be achieved in Web API by using the built in DependencyResolver class or by using a third party IoC container like Unity or Autofac.

18) What is the difference between ActionResult and IActionResult in Web API?

ActionResult and IActionResult are both used to return responses from Web API actions. The main difference is that ActionResult is a base class used for specific types of responses, while IActionResult is an interface implemented by all response types.

19) What is the use of JSON formatter in Web API?

The JSON formatter in Web API is responsible for converting data returned by the controller action into a JSON format that can be parsed by the client application.

20) How can you secure Web API using OAuth?

Web API can be secured using OAuth by implementing the OAuth flow, which involves obtaining access tokens from an OAuth provider and using those tokens to access protected resources on the server.


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