Asp Net Basic Interview Questions

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Asp Net Basic Interview Questions

Title Suggestions for Basic ASP.NET Interview Questions

Asp Net Basic Interview Questions

Asp Net Basic Interview Questions refer to the fundamental concepts and principles of the Asp.Net framework that are commonly asked during job interviews. These questions cover topics such as the architecture of Asp.Net, its features and functionalities, data binding, state management, and security. They aim to assess the candidate's understanding of Asp.Net and their ability to apply its concepts in real-world scenarios. Familiarity with these basic concepts is crucial for a successful career as an Asp.Net developer.

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1 - What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is a web development framework used for building dynamic, data driven web applications and websites. It is developed by Microsoft and runs on the .NET platform.

2) What are the different types of ASP.NET applications?

ASP.NET supports three types of applications: Web Forms, MVC (Model View Controller), and Web Pages.

3) What is the difference between Web Forms and MVC?

Web Forms follow an event driven programming model, where events trigger the execution of server side code. MVC is based on the Model View Controller architecture, which separates the application into three components: the model, the view, and the controller.

4) What is the .NET Framework?

The .NET Framework is a development platform used to create and run various types of applications, including ASP.NET web applications. It provides a programming model, various services, and multiple languages for developers to create efficient and scalable solutions.

5) What is the difference between ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET Web Pages?

ASP.NET Web Forms are based on the event driven programming model, while ASP.NET Web Pages use the Razor syntax and are more lightweight and focused on creating simple web pages.

6) What is the use of code behind file in ASP.NET?

The code behind file in ASP.NET allows developers to separate the presentation layer (HTML, CSS) from the code for improved organization and maintainability. It also enables easy implementation of event driven programming.

7) What is ViewState in ASP.NET?

ViewState is a mechanism in ASP.NET that stores the state of page controls and variables between postbacks. It ensures that stateful controls maintain their values on a web form, giving a desktop like experience to users.

8) What is an ASP.NET session?

An ASP.NET session is a server side storage that stores user specific data for a particular session. It enables retrieving data across different web pages of the application for a specific user. Sessions expire after a certain time or when the user closes the browser.

9) What is the purpose of AppDomain in ASP.NET?

AppDomain is an independent and isolated environment in which an ASP.NET application runs. It provides better security, isolation, and resource management for the application.

10) What is the difference between client side and server side validation?

Client side validation is performed on the user's computer using JavaScript before the data is submitted to the server, while server side validation is performed on the server once the data is received, making it more secure.

11) What is the purpose of the Global.asax file in ASP.NET?

The Global.asax file contains code for handling application level events in ASP.NET, such as application start and end, session start and end, and page errors.

12) What is a Web.config file in ASP.NET?

The Web.config file is a configuration file in ASP.NET that stores application settings, connection strings, HTTP handlers, and other configuration elements. It is hierarchical in nature and allows for easy configuration and maintenance of the application.

13) What is the difference between ViewState and SessionState?

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ViewState stores data between postbacks for a specific web page, while SessionState stores data across multiple web pages for a specific session.

14) What is HTML encoding and why is it important in ASP.NET?

HTML encoding is used in ASP.NET to protect the application from malicious attacks by converting characters that have special meaning in HTML to their equivalent HTML entities. This ensures that user input cannot be interpreted as code, preventing cross site scripting attacks.

15) What is the role of the Global.asax file in ASP.NET?

The Global.asax file contains code that executes when certain application level events occur, such as application start and end, session start and end, and page errors. It also allows for the creation of custom application level events.

16) What is the difference between a web server and an application server in ASP.NET?

A web server is responsible for processing and delivering HTTP requests to a web application, while an application server handles business logic, data processing, and other complex tasks for the web application.

17) What is the role of the App_Code folder in ASP.NET?

The App_Code folder in ASP.NET provides a central location to store code files that are accessible to the entire application. It is commonly used for creating utility classes and global functions.

18) What is the difference between TempData and ViewData in ASP.NET?

TempData is used to store data between two consecutive request cycles, while ViewData is used to pass data from a controller to a view.

19) How do you handle errors in ASP.NET?

Errors in ASP.NET can be handled by using try catch blocks or by implementing error pages to display a custom message or redirect the user to an error page.

20) What is the difference between Get and Post methods in handling form data in ASP.NET?

The Get method appends form data to the URL of the request, while the Post method sends form data in the body of the request. The Get method is used for retrieving data, while the Post method is used for sending data, making it more secure.


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