Power Bi Interview Questions For Experienced

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Power Bi Interview Questions For Experienced

Comprehensive Power BI Interview Questions for Experienced Professionals

Power Bi Interview Questions For Experienced

In an experienced-level Power BI interview, candidates are likely to be asked about their fluency in using advanced Power BI features such as DAX formulas, data modeling techniques, and creating impactful visualizations. They may also be expected to demonstrate their problem-solving skills by discussing real-world scenario-based questions related to data analysis, report optimization, and data interpretation. Experience with integrating Power BI with other tools or platforms, as well as familiarity with best practices for data visualization and dashboard design, may also be topics of discussion. Additionally, candidates may be asked about their project experience, challenges faced, and how they approached and resolved them using Power BI.

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1 - What are the different types of sources that Power BI can connect to for data retrieval? 

Power BI can connect to a variety of sources such as databases (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.), online services (Salesforce, Google Analytics), Excel files, SharePoint lists, and more. This flexibility allows users to easily import and analyze data from different sources within Power BI.

2) Explain the difference between calculated columns and measures in Power BI.

Calculated columns are computed during data import and stored in the data model, while measures are dynamic calculations based on the data in the model. Calculated columns are best suited for static calculations that need to be available for all visualizations, while measures are ideal for on the fly calculations within visualizations.

3) How can you optimize Power BI reports for performance?

Optimizing Power BI reports for performance involves techniques such as reducing the number of visuals on a page, using summarized tables instead of detailed tables, writing efficient DAX expressions, and enabling query reduction by removing unnecessary columns from the dataset.

4) What is the difference between Power BI Pro and Premium licenses?

Power BI Pro licenses are assigned to individual users and provide access to all the features of Power BI service, whereas Power BI Premium licenses are assigned to capacity resources (dedicated cloud based hardware) and cater to larger scale deployments with added features such as increased storage limits and dedicated processing power.

5) Can you explain the concept of relationships in Power BI?

Relationships in Power BI define how different tables are related to each other based on common fields. By establishing relationships between tables, users can create unified views of the data from multiple sources and perform complex analytical tasks across the related tables.

6) How can you schedule data refresh in Power BI?

Data refresh in Power BI can be scheduled by configuring a refresh schedule in the dataset settings. Users can define the frequency of refresh (daily, weekly, etc.) and specify the time when the refresh should occur. This ensures that the data in Power BI reports remains up to date.


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