Manual Testing Interview Questions For 4 Years Experience

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Manual Testing Interview Questions For 4 Years Experience

Top 25 Manual Testing Interview Questions for Candidates with 4 Years of Experience

Manual Testing Interview Questions For 4 Years Experience

Manual testing is the process of manually testing software for defects and errors, rather than using automated tools. It involves a tester executing different test cases and scenarios to identify any issues in the software under test. For individuals with 4 years of experience in manual testing, some common interview questions may include asking about their experience with various testing methodologies, their knowledge of different types of testing such as functional, regression, and user acceptance testing, and their understanding of defect tracking and reporting processes. Interviewers may also ask about their problem-solving skills, ability to work in a team, and how they handle pressure while testing. Additionally, questions may be asked about their experience with testing tools, familiarity with Agile and Scrum methodologies, and their communication skills to effectively report bugs and communicate with the development team. Overall, the focus will be on the candidate's experience and expertise in manual testing to assess their suitability for the job role.

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1 - What is your experience in manual testing?

Answer: I have a total experience of 4 years in manual testing. I have worked on various projects and gained expertise in different testing techniques, such as functional testing, regression testing, integration testing, and exploratory testing.

2) What is the difference between verification and validation?

Answer: Verification is the process of checking whether the software meets its specified requirements and design specifications, while validation is the process of evaluating the software to ensure it meets the customer's needs and expectations.

3) What is the difference between smoke testing and sanity testing?

Answer: Smoke testing is a quick and shallow testing technique where basic functionalities are checked to ensure the stability of the software, while sanity testing focuses on testing a specific part of the software that was fixed or changed after a defect was identified.

4) What is defect triage?

Answer: Defect triage is the process of evaluating and prioritizing the reported defects based on their severity, impact on the system, and available resources for fixing them.

5) What is boundary value analysis?

Answer: Boundary value analysis is a testing technique used to identify defects at the boundaries of input values. It involves testing the software with both maximum and minimum boundary values to ensure proper functionality.

6) How do you handle a critical bug discovered just before the release?

Answer: I would first prioritize the bug and communicate its impact to the project team. Then, I would work with the development team to determine a quick fix or workaround. If necessary, I would also suggest postponing the release until the bug is fixed.

7) What is regression testing and when do you perform it?

Answer: Regression testing is performed to ensure that the changes or enhancements made to the software do not break the existing functionality. It is usually performed after new features are added, defects are fixed, or when there is a significant change in the software.

8) What are the types of testing you have performed in your experience?

Answer: In my experience, I have performed functional testing, regression testing, integration testing, exploratory testing, usability testing, and user acceptance testing.

9) What is exploratory testing?

Answer: Exploratory testing is an approach to testing where the tester relies on their knowledge, experience, and creativity to uncover defects in the software without following a predetermined test case.

10) How do you ensure the quality of test cases?

Answer: I ensure the quality of test cases by reviewing and validating them with the project team and stakeholders. I also ensure that the test cases cover all the important functionalities and scenarios of the software.

11) What is a test plan and how do you create one?

Answer: A test plan is a document that outlines the objectives, scope, approach, and resources for a testing project. It also includes the test strategy, test cases, and schedules. To create a test plan, I collaborate with the project team, study the requirements, and prioritize the testing activities.

12) How do you handle conflicts or issues with your team members during testing?

Answer: I believe in open communication and handle conflicts by listening to different perspectives and finding a common ground. If necessary, I involve the project manager or team leader to resolve any issues and ensure a positive working environment.

13) How do you identify and report a defect in the software?

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Answer: I follow the defect reporting process and document the defect with all the necessary details, including steps to reproduce, expected and actual results, and severity. I also provide screenshots or videos if necessary to help developers understand and fix the defect.

14) Have you worked with any testing tools? Which ones?

Answer: I have experience working with tools like HP Quality Center, JIRA, Selenium, and LoadRunner. I have also used various open source tools for functional and performance testing, such as Selenium WebDriver and JMeter.

15) What is your experience with agile methodology?

Answer: I have worked on agile projects where I have participated in daily stand up meetings, sprint planning, and retrospectives. I have also used agile testing techniques, such as automation and exploratory testing, to keep up with the fast paced development cycle.


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