Manual Testing Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced

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Manual Testing Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced

Square Brackets: Ace Your Manual Testing Interviews – Expert Tips and Comprehensive Answers for Expe

Manual Testing Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced

Manual testing is a software testing process that involves conducting tests manually, without the use of any automated tools or scripts. This process requires experienced professionals who are well-versed with various testing techniques and methodologies. During an interview, experienced candidates may be asked a variety of technical and scenario-based questions to assess their knowledge, skills, and experience in manual testing. These questions can cover topics such as test case design, defect tracking, regression testing, exploratory testing, and more. The answers provided by the candidate should demonstrate their understanding of the testing process and their ability to approach testing in a systematic and thorough manner. They should also be able to communicate their thoughts and findings effectively to their team members and stakeholders. A strong grasp of manual testing principles and techniques, as well as hands-on experience in using various testing tools and techniques, can help candidates perform well in a manual testing interview.

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1 - What is manual testing? 

Manual testing is a software testing technique that involves the evaluation of software manually without the use of automated tools. It involves the tester executing various test cases and scenarios to identify bugs and defects in the software.

2) What are some common tools used in manual testing?

Some commonly used tools in manual testing include the test management tool (like HP ALM), defect management tool (like JIRA), automation tools (like Selenium), and debugging tools (like Firebug).

3) What is the V model in manual testing?

The V model is a development methodology used in manual testing. It involves the verification and validation of software at each stage of the development process, starting from requirements gathering to final testing.

4) What is the difference between verification and validation in manual testing?

Verification involves checking whether the software meets its specified requirements, while validation involves checking whether the software meets the customer's expectations and needs.

5) What are some test case design techniques used in manual testing?

Some commonly used test case design techniques in manual testing include boundary value analysis, equivalence partitioning, decision table testing, and error guessing.

6) What are some key elements that should be included in a test case?

A test case should include a unique identification number, test objective, preconditions, test steps, expected result, actual result, and test status.

7) What is a test scenario?

A test scenario is a high level description of a particular functionality or feature that needs to be tested. It includes the inputs, actions, and expected results.

8) How do you prioritize test scenarios?

Test scenarios can be prioritized based on business impact, risk, frequency of use, and complexity.

9) What is a defect in software testing?

A defect is a deviation from the expected behavior of the software. It can also be referred to as a bug or an issue.

10) What is defect management?

Defect management is the process of identifying, tracking, and resolving defects found during testing. It involves documenting the defect, assigning severity and priority, and tracking its progress until it is resolved.

11) What is the difference between a defect severity and priority?

Severity refers to the impact of a defect on the functionality of the software, while priority refers to the urgency with which the defect needs to be fixed.

12) What is the role of a test lead in manual testing?

A test lead is responsible for planning, organizing, and managing the testing activities. They also review test cases and reports and provide guidance to the testing team.

13) What is regression testing?

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Regression testing is the retesting of previously tested software to ensure that any changes or fixes do not impact the existing functionality and features.

14) What is smoke testing?

Smoke testing refers to the initial testing of a build to ensure that the basic functionalities are working as expected before proceeding with further testing.

15) What are some challenges faced in manual testing?

Some challenges in manual testing include high cost and effort, human error, lack of scalability, and difficulty in testing certain scenarios like load and performance testing.


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